Scientific and practical center for the implementation of innovative projects

Sharifov Shakhobjon Sharifovich

Director of Scientific and practical center for the implementation of innovative projects

+998 (90) 975-06-66

The objectives of the establishment and operation of the Center:

  • promoting the development of innovation, creating the necessary conditions for effective interaction of the center with industry;
  • ensuring the transfer of research results through technology licensing;
  • creation of technological small innovative enterprises or companies based on institute technologies, as well as involvement in research contracts and grants. 


The main tasks of the Center: 

  • creation of technological platforms as communication platforms for interaction between science, education and the real sector of the economy by expanding the interaction of economic entities, higher educational and research institutions aimed at the production and sale of innovative products in the domestic and foreign markets;
  • the generation of new knowledge and the formation of an innovative intellectual environment;
  • development at the pre-commercial stage, when commercialization is mostly probabilistic and delayed;
  • attracting young scientists and specialists to modern innovation topics;
  • consulting services and consulting support to a wide range of organizations and enterprises;
  • support for start-up entrepreneurs in the implementation of innovative projects;
  • organization of advanced training and retraining of personnel by conducting short and medium-term specialized courses, including inviting foreign specialists.