Center for Scientific and Technical Information

Abduvaliyev Abdulaziz Abduvaliyevich

Director of Center for Scientific and Technical Information

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Report by the Center for Scientific and Technical Information

The Ministry of Innovative Development is actively conducting works to improve the state system of scientific and technical information.

This work is extremely important both for providing the necessary, reliable and complete data for the processes of making operational and strategic management decisions on the development of science and innovation in the country, and for high-quality information-analytical services to the subjects of the national innovation system.

For this purpose, the Center for Scientific and Technical Information (hereinafter referred to as the Center) was launched on December 11, 2019.

In 2020, the Center achieved the following results:

The database of reporting documents of scientific and innovative projects financed from the state budget over the period between 2017 and 2019 has been created in electronic form (in the amount of more than 4500 reports on more than 1500 projects). On the basis of the collected reports, an analysis of performance was conducted, and the results of scientific and technical activities with commercialization potential were identified.

Also, the Center is actively involved in the Ministry's activities on monitoring of scientific and  innovation projects: analysis of compliance of work completed with schedules, publications submitted in the reporting documentation for compliance with project topics and their presence in Scopus database, etc.; and technical expertise of incoming applications for funding of scientific and innovative projects.

Information and analytical service of the branches of science, including preparation of digests and bulletins on the latest innovative technologies and scientific developments in the country and in the world, as well as the National Report on Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2020 is carried out.

Digests on the development of vaccines against COVID-19 are prepared and published on a daily basis.

Access of scientific organizations to leading databases of scientific and technical information, such as SpringerLink (Springer Nature), Clinical Key (Elsevier), Wiley (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.), etc. is provided, training webinars are held, technical support is provided.

The efforts on strengthening the work of the Office of the National Coordinator in Uzbekistan in terms of assistance to the scientific and innovative community in participating in competitions and activities of the 9th framework Program for Research and Technological Development,  "Horizon Europe" began.

A service contract  with a price of  37,000 $ was signed with the UNESCO in Uzbekistan to analyze the scientific, technological and innovation potential of the regions of Uzbekistan within the framework of the UNESCO IsDB project "UNESCO Global Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Instruments towards strengthening inclusive Science, Technology, Innovation Systems for the Sustainable Development Goals".

A free English language training project called ‘English for Science’ was launched to improve the English language skills of local scholars and researchers.

The Center’s plans for 2021:

Develop and implement a special electronic platform that provides online submission and registration of electronic versions of reporting documents on scientific and innovative projects funded from the state budget.

Develop and implement a specialized information-analytical system to optimize the gathering, processing and presentation of statistical data and indicators for the promotion of science and innovation in the country.

Analyze in detail the experience of the largest international scientific foundations and specialized organizations of foreign countries on the selection and conduct of scientific and technical expertise of scientific and innovation projects.

On a regular basis, to conduct a systematic analysis (qualitative and quantitative) with high quality of the current state and trends of further development of science and innovation in the country and in the world.

Implement the measures to increase the publication activity of domestic scientists and promote scientific journals to international databases of scientific and technical information.

Develop and launch the National Scientific Web Portal, where representatives of the Uzbek and international scientific community will be able to learn about the achievements of domestic science, the latest events and upcoming scientific events and much more. Also, the Portal will contain reference and information funds reflecting scientific, technological and innovation potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In general, the Center has all the preconditions to become the leading intellectual agency in the Central Asian region in the field of science and innovation, and is able to provide a full package of information and analytical services at the international level.