Management of research and implementation of innovations in education and health

Khudanov Bakhtinur Oybutayevich

Head of management of research and implementation of innovations in education and health

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Internal number: 122


  • promotion of innovation in the system of higher, secondary and pre-school education via introduction of modern and interactive teaching methods;
  • development of innovative curricula involving the widespread use of digital technologies;
  • implementation of practical measures in support of introduction and use of innovative ideas and developments, provision of conditions for the younger generation of innovators, opportunities for introducing innovative programs in educational institutions, improvement of the system of continuing education, especially in the training of engineering and technical personnel, improvement of availability and quality of educational services and the authority of technical specialties;
  • planning and coordination of activities in preparation of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel;
  • widespread introduction of advanced technologies in the field of health, allowing for early detection and prevention of diseases, timely and effective treatment;
  • creation of an integrated system aimed at forming a healthy lifestyle and raising a healthy society;
  • assistance in the accelerated development of health care system, including introduction of advanced technologies, concepts of "Smart Medicine" and "Unified Medical Information Center", providing early detection and prevention of diseases;
  • creation of additional conditions for increasing life expectancy of the population. 

Division of Education Development



Division of Healthcare Development



International centre for molecular allergology 

International centre for molecular allergology is created under the Ministry of innovative development in order to develop scientific - diagnostic, education and production innovation in the sphere of allergology, integration of world science, education, production, diagnostics and treatment of allergic diseases and implementation of modern methods, as well as increasing effectiveness of medical help, implementing modern technologies with attraction of foreign experts. 

Pollen traps

2 pollen traps produced by Italian company Lanzoni have been acquired to this day and implemented in Tashkent. Pollen traps perform the function of absorbing various types of allergic pollen from the air for further investigation. Experts study and analyze the results to summarize the information received. The aerobiological monitoring system established at the International Center for Molecular Allergology determines the types of allergens, aerobiological monitoring of pollen from allergenic plants and pollination forecast.


"Smart medicine"

The division of healthcare developed initial options of project concepts of "Smart medicine" and "Single centre for medical information". In order to strengthen these concepts, the following measures are taken:

- Analytical study of the current state of existing medical infortmation systems in the sphere of healthcare 

- Investigation of foreign experience and opportunities for implementation of "smart" technologies

- Negotiations held with a Turkish company "Akrun group" regarding creation and implementation of systems "Smart medicine" and "Single centre for medical information" in the sphere of healthcare.

Developed projects of the concepts "Smart medicine" and "Single centre for medical information" as a means of warning and prevention of diseases, and develoing electronic medical card for citizens, have been passed to the Ministry of healthcare. 

In cooperation with Ministry of healthcare and Academy of Science fo the Republic of Uzbekistan, a list of existing and produced medicines and equipment in Uzbekistan has been compiled. 

Projects under development

- "Existing problems in the Republic and their elimination";

- Project for creating movement control for social support of individuals with hearing and speech defects; 

- Project of the model of education in specialized boarding schools in Uzbekistan;

- Project of innovative system update of Ambulance;

- Project of innovative solution for prevention of dental diseases in schools and pre-school institutions in the city of Tashkent.