Management of integration of science, education and production

Kuchkarbaev Rustam Utkurovich

Head of management of integration of science, education and production

+998 (71) 203-32-23

Internal number: 551


- Coordination of activities (research related) of educational, scientific research and other institutions, experimental specialized laboratories, high technology centers, technology parks and other innovation-oriented structures for the development of high-tech products, as well as assistance in strengthening their logistic and scientific potential;

- Development of directions of state scientific and technical programs and projects implemented by scientific research, educational and other institutions in the country;

- Development of comprehensive measures for organization of high-tech innovative parks and implementation of large-scale innovative projects, providing conditions for the creation and development of knowledge-intensive industries.


Management staff:

Norov Asror Egamberdiyevich

Deputy Head of Department

Phone: (71) 203-32-23 (552)



Mirzayev Alisher Asomudinovich

Main specialist

Phone: (71) 203-32-23 (553)



Otaxonov Rasulbek Marks ogli

Main specialist

Phone: (71) 203-32-23 (554)


Legislative action

The department has developed the draft version of laws “On Science” and “On Innovations” so far. The deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis adopted the draft law “On Science” in the first reading on October 9, 2018. Currently, the problem of comprehensive support of science and the scientific potential of the country, increasing the contribution of science and technology to the development of the economy, improving the quality and effectiveness of scientific research, strengthening integration among science, education and production are more important than ever. This is a precise factor, which proves that there is a need to develop a draft law “On Science”.

Chest Badge "Leader of an innovative ideas"

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on June 5, 2018, “On additional measures to improve the quality of education in higher educational institutions and ensure their active participation in large-scale reforms of the country”, the department developed a draft of the Statute of “Leader of an innovative ideas”, which lead to the adoption of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures of creating the chest badge “Leader of an Innovative Ideas”” in 2018, on October 2.

The adoption of this resolution will provide full support to young scientists, students and initiators of innovative ideas and initiatives, create necessary environment for accelerated development of active entrepreneurship, improvement of science and technology, development of innovative ideas and methods of their application in the country, as well as adequately reward the results of young scientists’ activities.

The nominees of the chest badge “Leader of Innovative Ideas” are annually awarded during the week of innovative ideas – “InnoWeek.Uz”.

Vice-rectors and deputy directors on science and innovation

In order to establish effective mechanisms of correlation between research and production sectors, to eliminate existing barriers which are blocking strengthening ties, also to improve research performance and research results of higher education institutions, a specially created commission examined 24 deputy directors of research institutes, as well as 78 vice rectors of higher education institutions and appointed them to new posts. In addition, to ensure the integration of science and education, 7 scientists were appointed simultaneously to the position of deputy director of research institutions in various fields and vice-rector on science and innovation of higher educational institutions.

Moreover, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on April 17, 2018, "On measures to improve the system of state administration in the field of agriculture and water resources", the Scientific and production center of agriculture and food supply was established on basis of the Scientific and production center of agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, and 12 deputy research associates of the Center were interviewed and re-appointed to their positions.

International Week of Innovative Ideas - InnoWeek.Uz

The International Week of Innovative Ideas – “InnoWeek .Uz” was held from October 22-26 in 2018, in order to strengthen the integration of science, education and production, provide scientists, students and producers with innovative progress, access to existing scientific and innovative discoveries, and demonstrate the country's innovative potential at a new global level. The International Fair of Innovations and the International Innovation and Investment Forum, as well as the International Robotics Competition were held as part of “InnoWeek.Uz”

Foreign scientists, experts, investors, entrepreneurs and diplomatic corps members from more than 20 countries took part in the event. The total number of visitors of the week was 5278.

The participants demonstrated innovative developments and products in 5 sectors, in particular, 11 projects in the field of public administration, 14 in agriculture, 14 in social sphere, 11 in the real sector of economy and 8 in the sphere of banking and finance. Apart from that, 43 scientific and technical products and services, which are ready for commercialization, were presented to the audience.

During “InnoWeek.Uz”, there were signed agreements on direct investments worth 256 million USD and trade agreements worth 2.1 billion UZS, for phased support and implementation of innovative technologies with foreign and local partners.

“International Robotics Challenge” International Competition in Robotics

The “International Robotics Challenge” robotics competition was held for the first time in history of Uzbekistan as part of “InnoWeek.Uz” among young people aged 9–16 years and 16–23 years, who are passionate about science and recent technologies. In total, 64 teams took part in the event, of which 40 were from the whole republic and 24 from foreign countries.

Scientific and practical center for implementation of innovative projects

The Center was established in pursuance of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures for the construction of the building of the Ministry of Innovation Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the Scientific and Practical Center for the Implementation of Innovative Development and Innovative Gardens" on April 6, 2018.

State Unitary Enterprise "Yashnabad Innovative Technopark"

By the decision of the government, the State Unitary Enterprise of the Directorate of the Innovative Techno Park “Yashnabad’ was removed from the subordination of the city Khakimiyat and was transferred to the subordination of the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It is planned to create a business incubator to support the commercialization of scientific and innovative projects in the techno park. In the structure of the Center for Advanced Technologies under the Ministry of Innovation Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, it is planned to create an innovative startup accelerator and start-up incubator with a subsidized infrastructure, laboratory and equipment for high-tech small enterprises. Currently, there are 7 residents in the structure of the “Yashnabad” techno park, 45 jobs have been created, and 649,000 USD of investments have been attracted. In turn, techno park is planning to create 245 more job spots and attract 24.3 million USD as investment.