The Ministry of Innovative Development announces a competition of initiative RESEARCH PROJECTS (Stage #52)

The main purpose of the competition is to fully support and endorse new scientific ideas and developments of scientists and specialists working in scientific organizations, higher education institutes and universities, and other interested organizations engaged in pure research and science-based development in the country, specifically nationwide economic, regional and social spheres, as well as to form and finance initiative applied and innovative projects aimed at providing scientific solutions to specific problems.

This competition is held in all disciplines in accordance with the requirements of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 9, 2020 No 133 "On measures to further improve the regulatory framework for the development of research and innovation":


Terms of competition (in English)


Notably, the Ministry of Innovation Development, in cooperation with leading universities and research centers in China, India, Germany, Turkey, Russia, and Belarus, is nowadays implementing 70 international joint research projects worth 62.9 billion UZS.

Besides that, this year the joint international competition "Uzbekistan-Germany" for applied and innovative research projects was held, and the practice of international scientific examination of 50 projects with the involvement of international experts was successfully implemented. At the same time, these projects were evaluated by international experts on the basis of important scientific results implemented and achieved worldwide in a particular direction, and an open and transparent independent scientific examination was conducted.

From the experience gained in supporting the initiatives of local scientists and specialists to undertake research with the involvement of up-to-the-date techniques, improve their academic writing skills at the international level, and further expand cooperation with leading universities and research centers, as well as the organization of international scientific expertise. In order to use this approach effectively, the practice of submitting projects written only in English to the competition is being introduced.

The competition is open to applied and innovative research projects that meet the following additional requirements:

- only projects written in English are accepted (projects must be in strict accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling, and linguistically and stylistically correct in English);

- within the scope of the project submitted for this competition, the projects must not have been previously implemented under the governmental programs of scientific activity;

- only one (applied or innovative) initiative research project has to be submitted by one project manager;

- significant scientific results must be achieved at the end of the research project, i.e. new product, scientific development, and the need for new technology in the economy/social sphere and its implementation by the organization in the case of successful completion of the project (ministry/department, letter of approval from industries).

Requirements for determining the deadlines for the implementation of projects submitted to the competition:

  1. a) projects in the following disciplines are formed and implemented for a period of up to 1 year:

Social sciences;

Philology, psychology and pedagogical sciences;



History and archeology;

Informatization and development of information and communication technologies;

Veterinary and animal husbandry.

  1. b) projects in the following disciplines are formed and implemented for a period of up to 2 years:

Mathematics, physics and mechanical sciences;

Technical sciences;

Architecture, construction, design and civil engineering;

Agricultural and environmental sciences;

Forestry, soil and plant sciences;

Medical sciences;

Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences;

Chemistry, chemical technologies and nanotechnology;

Earth sciences;

Biotechnology and biological sciences.

Research projects submitted to the competition are accepted only in e-form until September 15, 2021 through the web page "Submission of research projects to the competition" on the web platform

In the registration process of research project documents through the web platform, the pdf/doc/docx form of the following original documents must be uploaded together:

  • referral letter signed by the head of the executive body (.pdf);
  • duplicate form of the decision of the scientific (scientific and technical) council of the implementing organization (.pdf);
  • text form of the applied or innovative  research project (signed and stamped, (pdf/doc/docx).

The submitted projects are strictly adhered to the requirements of the competition, completeness, reliability and authenticity of project materials, plagiarism, whether the research project formed on the basis of established requirements or not, as well as the significant scientific results whether obtained at the end of the project or not in accordance with the research design. The initial technical examination of the timeliness of the projects submitted to the competition, the compliance of the projects with the rules of grammar and spelling, as well as the linguistic and stylistic content of the project in English are fully substantiated.

Projects that will have not passed the initial technical examination are not recommended for the next stage of selection.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 18, 2018 No PD-3855, the results of applied and innovative research projects carried out under governmental programs of scientific activity must be fully commercialized upon their completion.

Responsibility for the completeness, accuracy and reliability of information in the submitted projects and the effectiveness of research projects, commercialization potential, full and timely implementation of planned research in the project are the responsibility of project managers, project executives and officials of relevant higher organizations.

When estimating the total amount of funding requested for the implementation of the project submitted to the competition (Form #5), it is recommended to use the calculation form provided by the Ministry of Innovation Development:

Note: Information on the results of consideration of projects submitted to the competition is provided through the webpage of the platform - "Interactive service to determine the results of the competition", as well as the interactive service "Competition Results" on the official website is carried out.

Technical support service of the Ministry of Innovation Development on technical issues related to registration of scientific projects through the web page "Submission of scientific project to the competition" on the web platform