Сall for Uzbek-Germanjointscientific projects

Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany(BMBF) open call to submit joint proposals forscientific-technical projects.

Jointscientific-technicalprojects will be supported within the scope of Cooperation Agreement between Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan andFederal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany.

Higher education or Scientific-research institutes who want to propose a joint project must agree withGerman institutes to carry joint research as"project partners".Unilateral project applications are not accepted.

Projects, which received refusal of funding after evaluation from any side, will be excluded.

The call is open forfollowing areas:

  • Smart Cities
  • Innovative technologies for cultural heritage conservation
  • Environmental science
  • Sustainable development
  • Agriculture
  • Efficient Electricity and Energy Safety
  • Big Data Extraction, Processing, Transformation and Analysis; Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Personalized Medicine and Pharmacy
  • High-Productivity Agribusiness and Agricultural Logistics Solutions
  • Technological Solutions for Ecology, in particular Resource Recovery, Resource Conservation and Waste Management
  • New Materials and Modern Construction Technologies
  • Advanced Natural Resources Extraction and Processing Technologies

This competition is held in accordance with the requirements of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 9, 2020 No 133 "On measures to further improve the regulatory framework for the development of research and innovation".

Application Deadline:November 1, 2020, included

A maximum of 500.000.000 sum will be provided by Ministry of Innovative Development for the project team in Uzbekistan per year during the project period (a maximum sum during the project), and a maximum of 100.000 Euro will be provided by BMBF for the team in Germany per year per project (a maximum 200 000 Euro during the project). The duration of projects is 24 months at maximum.

Application form must be filled in Uzbek andin English, applied through before deadline.Detailed information about the call and application form can be downloaded here.

In the quarantine conditions announced in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, projects will be accepted only in electronic form through the website until November 1, 2020.

In this case, the originals of the following documents should be scanned and uploaded in pdf format on the website

- letter of recommendation signed by the head (deputy) of the executive organization;

- An extract from the decision of the scientific (scientific and technical) council of the executive organization;

- text of practical or innovative project (signed and stamped).

The text of the project should be placed on both sides of a standard sheet of A4 paper and, as a rule, should be written in 1.15-line spacing. Each page is 2 cm above and below; left 3 cm; has a 1.5 cm border on the right; the paragraph should be 1.27 cm and uniform.

It is recommended to use the Microsoft Word text editor in 12-point Times New Roman font.

Pages are numbered in a sequential sequence from the title page to the last page. The page number is written in the lower right corner of the page, starting with the number 2. The title page is not numbered 1.

Each required document and other components of the project will be formalized on a new page.

The list of required scientific works of the project leader and participants (publications for the last 3 years are listed in chronological order and numbered in the following sequence: monograph; patent; scientific article; scientific collections and other publications) in strict accordance with Form 3.4 and the author is signed by the scientific secretary and certified by the seal of the organization.

The submitted projects are subject to preliminary technical examination for strict compliance with the requirements of the competition, the reliability and authenticity of the project materials, the absence of plagiarism, the formation of the requirements.

Projects that have not passed the initial technical examination are not recommended for the next stage of selection.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 18, 2018 No PP-3855, the results of applied and innovative research carried out under state programs of scientific activity must be fully commercialized upon their completion.

Scientific project managers, heads of organizations implementing the scientific project and responsible employees of relevant higher organizations are responsible for the accuracy and reliability of information in the submitted projects and the effectiveness of scientific and technical projects by the winners of the competition, the level of commercialization, the full and timely implementation of the expected results, defined in the tasks of the competition programs.

Note: Information on the results of the projects submitted to the competition is available on the website through the interactive service "Competition Results" in the "Competitions" section.

Support service of the Ministry of Innovation Development on technical issues related to electronic registration through the web portal (90) 993-99-32