Ministry activities

Initiatives and achievements of the Department of Education Development


1. Employees of the Ministry of Innovation Development participated in their lectures in the international forum "Innovations in the social sphere - an important part of the development of society", organized for the first time in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

2. The laws "On Science" and "On Innovation Activity" were developed and agreed with the ministries and departments. After that it is submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers. The draft law “On Science” was discussed in the first reading in the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The process of discussing the draft law "On Innovation" continues.

  1. The project of the innovation library QR book was developed jointly with the Ministry of Innovation Development. Currently 50 books, a QR form book, 50 QR book applications and a QR book mobile software have been created. As a result of this project of the innovation library of QR books, the QR code provides quick and easy access to books and Internet resources, combines textbooks with Internet resources, informs readers about text, audio and video formats, saves money spent on textbooks, and enriches their electronic resources. The excellence of this project is that

 - prevents the shortage of books and teaching aids in educational institutions;

 - Students will be able to view laboratory work through video;

- All the necessary literature is located on the same site.

The reader downloads a QR code reader to his smartphone and reads the existing codes using a book QR code with a special application and can read the book online.

4. The project of the vending bookstore is planned to be supported by the Ministry of Innovation Development. Given the presence of 30 cities and 170 districts in the territory of the republic, it is planned to install 200 vending bookstores. Each bookstore has a capacity of 100 million dollars. At the same time, 20 billion soums were sold to 200 stores (US $ 11,834). Amount spent is 2 million 366 thousand 863 US dollars. As a result, a book shop vending project appeared that will allow you to place books, newspapers and magazines in a bookstore without a seller. In foreign bookstores, in a bookstore that is organized in our country, you can buy a book with its electronic and audio types. Everyone has the opportunity to buy books by day and by any method of payment.

5. Under the Ministry of Innovation Development, a specialized school for young biologists and chemists named after Abu Ali ibn Sino has been created using innovative pedagogical technologies widely used in the field of biology, chemistry and in-depth study of foreign languages. Taking into account the individual characteristics of each student, work is underway to develop and develop the skills of research and development, to demonstrate and enhance the creative potential of students.